Monoclonal Antibody Generation Service

The Monoclonal Antibody Service provides consultation and the services to generate monoclonal antibodies against a diverse array of antigens (proteins, peptides, glycoproteins, etc.) and their characterization by ELISA, Western blotting or immunohistochemistry. The service is located in an AAALAC International accredited animal facility within CIC bioGUNE


Two mice are immunized following standard procedures unless there is a specific need. The mice are immunized using Complete Freund's adjuvant, followed by two boosts in Incomplete Freund's adjuvant. Before the second boost, the sera are tested for reactivity to the antigen.


Spleen cells are fused with the 0-Ag14 cell line and selected for hybridomas using HAT selective medium. The hybridomas are then cloned.


Individual clone supernatants are then tested for antibodies against the antigen of interest by ELISA. Positive clones are further tested by Western blotting and immunohistochemistry against a panel of murine or human tissues, when appropriate.

mAb against Mtb Arabinomannan

Example of one of the mAbs produced at the service


The mAb Service at CIC bioGUNE is a member of EuroMAbNet. Check out the many resources available.