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CIC bioGUNE's Genome Analysis Platform employs the most recent technologies for whole genome analysis using microarrays and massive sequencing. Both external services and collaborations are on offer.

The main goal of the Genome Analysis Platform is the optimization of sample processing protocols for a set of sophisticated, state-of-the-art, high-throughput genome analysis technologies. The principal methodologies used deal with the characterization of variants at gDNA sequence level (mainly Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms - SNPs and Copy Number Variations - CNVs), the study of mRNA or smallRNA expression profiles and the identification of epigenetic modifications such as DNA methylation. All these techniques are applied in projects whose aim is the understanding of complex biological systems, such us the genomic regulatory effect of a drug-treatment in a particular tissue (Pharmacogenomics), the identification of genetic variants that confer susceptibility to certain diseases (association studies), or the genomic description of economically-optimal agriculture variants (plant/animal breeding). Recently, the group has also established appropriate work-flow procedures for some data analysis, as well as developed new bioinformatics tools.