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Nuria Macías

Functional Genomics Unit
Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia, Ed. 801A
48160 Derio, Bizkaia, Spain
Email : nmacias[at]
Phone : +34 946 572 524 (ext. 4420)

Nuria Macías received her degree in Chemical Analysis & Control in 1999. After that, she worked as research technician in the Gene Therapy Group in Centro de Investigación Médica Aplicada-CIMA, (Universidad de Navarra). At 2007 she joined the Hypoxia Signaling Cascade group in CIC bioGUNE as research technician for over 3 years. After this, she worked at the Molecular Biology group in AZTI-Teknalia for a period, coming back to the Functional Genomics department in CIC bioGUNE in 2012. She joined the Genome Analysis Platform in January 2013.

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